Cruise calls

No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
2018-05-12Rhine Princess
2018-05-12A Rosa Flora
2018-05-13Thurgau Ultra
2018-05-18MPS Horizon
2018-05-21Rhine Princess
2018-05-29MS Alemannia
2018-06-03Star Breeze
2018-06-08MPS Horizon
2018-06-09A Rosa Flora
2018-06-13Prins Willem Alexander
2018-06-14Excellence Allegra
2018-06-16MPS Horizon
2018-06-29Excellence Allegra
2018-07-05J.Henri Dunant
2018-07-07A Rosa Flora
2018-07-13J. Henri Dunant
2018-07-14Excellence Allegra
2018-07-16Rhine Princess
2018-07-21A Rosa Flora
2018-07-22Regina Rheni
2018-07-29Excellence Allegra
2018-08-08Rembrandt van Rijn
2018-08-13Excellence Allegra
2018-08-21MS Alemannia
2018-08-25MPS Horizon
2018-09-01Le Laperouse
2018-09-06Royal Crown
2018-09-09MPS Horizon
2018-09-11Prins Willem Alexander
2018-09-23Island Sky
2018-10-09Prins Willem Alexander
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
2019-03-25Mps Olympia
2019-03-28Mps Calypso
2019-04-06Ms Filia Rheni
2019-04-06Mps Allegro
2019-04-18Mps Allegro
2019-04-22Mps Allegro
2019-04-27Mps Horizon
2019-05-02Mps Allegro
2019-05-03A-Rosa Flora
2019-05-06Mps Allegro
2019-05-13Mps Olympia
2019-05-13Mps Allegro
2019-05-15Ms Star Breeze
2019-05-20Mps Allegro
2019-05-20Ms Thurgau Ultra
2019-05-23Mps Poseidon
2019-05-26Mps Allegro
2019-05-27Mps Olympia
2019-05-27Rhine Princess
2019-05-30Ms Rigoletto
2019-06-01Mps Horizon
2019-06-04Ms Alemannia
2019-06-12Ms Excellence Countess
2019-06-18Mps Lady Anne
2019-06-27Excellence Countess
2019-07-12Ms Excellence Countess
2019-07-16Mps Allegro
2019-07-18Mps Poseidon
2019-07-22Rhine Princess
2019-07-22Mps Allegro
2019-07-26A-Rosa Flora
2019-07-27Ms Excellence Countess
2019-07-31Mps Allegro
2019-08-01MS Berlin
2019-08-04Mps Allegro
2019-08-11Ms Excellence Countess
2019-08-16Prins Willem Alexander
2019-08-26Ms Excellence Countess
2019-08-27Ms Alemannia
2019-08-27Le Dumont d' Urville
2019-08-31Mps Horizon
2019-09-10Ms Excellence Countess
2019-09-17Ms Excellence Countess
2019-10-29Prins Willem Alexander
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
2020-02-27Prins Willem Alexander
No cruises found for this month.
2020-04-03MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2020-04-05MS Avalon Visionary cancelled Covid19
2020-04-07MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2020-04-11Amadeus Imperial Cancelled Covid19
2020-04-17MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2020-04-19Mps Horizon cancelled Covid19
2020-04-27MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2020-04-28Mps Dutch Melody cancelled Covid19
2020-05-01MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2020-05-01Mps Allegro Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-07MS Hamburg Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-08MS Elegant Lady Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-10Mps Allegro Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-11Ms Thurgau Ultra Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-12Mps Dutch Melody cancelled Covid19
2020-05-14MS Elegant Lady Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-15A-Rosa Brava Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-17Mps Poseidon Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-19Prins Willem Alexander Cancelled Covid19
2020-05-20Mps Allegro
2020-05-23Mps Horizon cancelled Covid19
2020-06-09Mps Rembrandt van Rijn Cancelled Covid19
2020-06-10Ms Excellence Countess Cancelled Covid19
2020-06-13MPS Switzerland Cancelled Covid19
2020-06-15Prins Willem Alexander Cancelled Covid19
2020-06-22Prins Willem Alexander Cancelled Covid19
2020-06-25Ms Excellence Countess Cancelled Covid19
2020-07-02Mps Poseidon Cancelled Covid19
2020-07-10Ms Alemannia cancelled Covid19
2020-07-10Ms Excellence Countess Cancelled Covid19
2020-07-13Mps Allegro Cancelled Covid19
2020-07-15MS Arkona Cancelled Covid19
2020-07-22Mps Allegro Cancelled Covid19
2020-07-25MS Elegant Lady
2020-07-25Ms Excellence Countess
2020-07-26A-Rosa Flora
2020-08-03Ms Alemannia Cancelled Covid19
2020-08-04MS Arkona Cancelled Covid19
2020-08-08Ms Carmen
2020-08-09Ms Excellence Countess
2020-08-12MS Elegant Lady
2020-08-13Mps Poseidon
2020-08-15Ms Alemannia cancelled Covid19
2020-08-16Mps Allegro Cancelled Covid19
2020-08-17Ms Excellence Countess
2020-08-18Mps De Zonnebloem Cancelled Covid19
2020-08-22Ms Alemannia cancelled Covid19
2020-08-24MS Grace
2020-08-24Ms Excellence Countess
2020-08-29Ms Alemannia cancelled Covid19
2020-08-29Mps Dutch Melody cancelled Covid19
2020-09-01Ms Excellence Countess
2020-09-05Mps Horizon
2020-09-08Royal Crown Cancelled Covid19
2020-09-08Ms Excellence Countess
2020-09-10MPS Switzerland Cancelled Covid19
2020-09-10MS Swiss Diamond
2020-09-12Le Dumont d' Urville Cancelled Covid19
2020-09-15MS Grace
2020-09-16Ms Excellence Countess
2020-09-16Ms Crucevita
2020-09-24Ms Excellence Countess
2020-09-29MS Oscar Wilde
2020-09-29A-Rosa Flora
2020-10-02Mps Lady Anne Cancelled Covid19
2020-10-04A-Rosa Flora
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
2021-04-02MPS River Empress cancelled due to Covid19
2021-04-10Mps Horizon cancelled Covid19
2021-04-11Ms Rex Rheni
2021-04-14MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2021-04-15MS Royal Emerald cancelled Covid 19
2021-04-18MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2021-04-18MPS River Empress cancelled due to Covid19
2021-04-19MS Royal Emerald cancelled Covid 19
2021-04-22MS Arena cancelled Covid19
2021-04-22MPS River Empress cancelled due to Covid19
2021-04-23MS Royal Emerald cancelled Covid 19
2021-04-27MS Royal Emerald cancelled Covid 19
2021-05-01Mps Horizon cancelled Covid19
2021-05-01MS Royal Emerald
2021-05-05MS Royal Emerald
2021-05-08Mps Dutch Melody
2021-05-08MPS River Empress cancelled due to Covid19
2021-05-09MS Royal Emerald
2021-05-10Mps A-Rosa Aqua
2021-05-10Ms Thurgau Ultra Cancelled Covid19
2021-05-12MPS River Empress
2021-05-13MS Royal Emerald
2021-05-17MS Royal Emerald
2021-05-21MS World Explorer Cancelled Covid19
2021-05-28MPS River Empress cancelled due to Covid19
2021-06-01MPS River Empress
2021-06-05Mps Poseidon
2021-06-08A-Rosa Silva
2021-06-12Mps Horizon cancelled Covid19
2021-06-15MS Elegant Lady
2021-06-17MPS River Empress
2021-06-17Ms Excellence Countess
2021-06-23Mps Rembrandt van Rijn
2021-07-02Ms Carmen
2021-07-02Ms Excellence Countess
2021-07-06MS Royal Emerald
2021-07-10MS Royal Emerald
2021-07-13Ms Carmen
2021-07-14MS Royal Emerald
2021-07-15MS Elegant Lady
2021-07-15Mps Poseidon
2021-07-17Ms Excellence Countess
2021-07-18MS Royal Emerald
2021-07-21Ms Alemannia
2021-07-22MS Royal Emerald
2021-07-26MS Royal Emerald
2021-07-30MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-01Ms Excellence Countess
2021-08-02MS Elegant Lady
2021-08-02MPS River Empress
2021-08-03Ms Alemannia
2021-08-03MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-07MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-08MS Elegant Lady Cancelled Covid19
2021-08-10Mps De Zonnebloem
2021-08-11MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-15MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-16Ms Excellence Countess
2021-08-17Mps De Zonnebloem
2021-08-18MPS River Empress
2021-08-19MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-23Mps Rembrandt van Rijn
2021-08-24MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-26Mps Poseidon
2021-08-28MS Royal Emerald
2021-08-31Ms Excellence Countess
2021-09-01MS Elegant Lady
2021-09-01MS Royal Emerald
2021-09-04MPS Salvinia
2021-09-05MS Royal Emerald
2021-09-09MS Royal Emerald
2021-09-13MS Royal Emerald
2021-09-15Ms Alemannia
2021-09-15Ms Excellence Countess
2021-09-17MS Royal Emerald
2021-09-18MPS River Empress
2021-09-21MS Royal Emerald
2021-09-22MPS River Empress
2021-09-22Mps Poseidon
2021-10-08MPS River Empress
2021-10-12MPS River Empress
2021-10-28MPS River Empress
2021-11-01MPS River Empress
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
2022-04-01MPS River Empress
2022-04-17MPS River Empress
2022-04-21MPS River Empress
2022-05-07MPS River Empress
2022-05-11MPS River Empress
2022-05-27MPS River Empress
2022-05-31MPS River Empress
2022-06-16MPS River Empress
2022-07-17MPS River Empress
2022-07-24MPS River Empress
2022-07-31MPS River Empress
2022-08-07MPS River Empress
2022-08-10Star Legend
2022-08-14MPS River Empress
2022-08-21MPS River Empress
2022-08-28MPS River Empress
2022-09-05MPS River Empress
2022-09-21MPS River Empress
2022-09-25MPS River Empress
2022-10-11MPS River Empress
2022-10-15MPS River Empress
2022-10-31MPS River Empress
No cruises found for this month.
No cruises found for this month.
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